How to change the cookie settings you choose?
When You first visit our homepage, a pop-up will have asked You to choose which cookies files You agree to be used. These choices automatically reset once every 6 months, but if You would like to change the choices You made, before that period, you can do so by following the instructions found here.

You will need to choose the type of internet browser you are using, and based on that follow the appropriate guide.

Since right after You confirmed Your choices for cookies, the cookie files were placed on Your device, be it a phone, pc or a tablet, therefore it is not possible to change the settings directly through our homepage, what can be done though, is clearing the cookie files and with that resetting the choice pop-up on Your device and the next time You visit our homepage You will be asked to choose to which cookie usage You agree, anew. Note that this must be done on each device separately.

For information on what cookies, we use and why, please, visit our homepage section “Cookie policy”.

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